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Sport Stability and Performance

Muscles firing in correct sequence and time increase your changes to achieve your physical performance potential.  Stability and mobility are not opposing words.  In reality, proper stability and mobility combined with proprioception, proper posture, symmetry and balance provide the foundation for injury resistance during sport activities. Core stability efficiency has to accompany not only the involved forces in the patient's trunk and limbs, but training with unloaded and loaded activities. In patellar tendinopathy treatment for example, researchers suggest a variety of techniques necessary to assist the patient in returning to regular activities: eccentric exercises are safe and effective; deep transverse friction massage, strengthening of the hip muscles and stretching, as well as partial body weight decline eccentric squats progressing to uploaded decline squats (Marsha Rutland et al. Evidence-Supported Rehabilitation of Patellar Tendinopathy). I had success with patients with the condition that were able to resume their activities which in some cases included sports such as soccer. In my patients, I used lower extremity adjustments along with kinetic chain adjustments of the pelvis and lumbosacral spine, as well as the described protocol with significant improvement.


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